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Modular Office Buildings


Considering expanding, relocating or restructuring your business services?
Are you looking for extra office space that’s versatile, cost effective and eco-friendly?

Cotaplan are one of the leading manufacturers of modular office buildings in the UK. We offer bespoke, prefab office buildings that are constructed to meet and exceed your specific needs and requirements of your business.

Our demountable, portable offices buildings come in a various layouts and sizes and cost a considerable amount less than your traditional builds which is one of the main reasons they’re becoming increasingly popular across the United Kingdom. Our   multi storey modular buildings  are ideal for growing companies. We can plan for growth so if initially you only need a single level office building but are looking to expand in the future, we can construct a modular office building that will allow us to build another level on top at a later date.

Acquiring a new office environment in the form of a modular office building can guarantee you the ideal economic, eco-friendly solution for temporary or long term growth. If your need for extra space is short term only, you can hire a temporary office building built to the high standards which all our prefab offices adhere to. We can ensure the office space caters to your needs by including a reception, toilet facilities and kitchen for your staff and clients usage.

Modular buildings , by nature, are manufactured, moved and built therefore if you need a mobile office building, our portable prefab offices are the perfect solution. This is particularly ideal for businesses that need to relocate throughout the UK on a regular basis or have temporary office space needs that change throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking for temporary prefab offices for hire or a more permanent modular office solution, Cotaplan can create a bespoke modular office building to suit your needs.

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    A prefabricated office building is a sustainable, affordable solution to accommodate your staff in comfortable working conditions wherever and for as long as you want. Whatever your business model, Cotaplan can disassemble and relocate your portable offices at any time to suit you.

    Prefabricated office buildings are a fantastic addition to virtually any industry offering additional operation space which in turn can increase workforce productivity. Portable offices are heated, have wash facilities and provide a comfortable, safe working environment for your staff.

    Modular offices are ideal as new housing development reception offices, television production offices, construction site offices, racecourse and racetrack offices, and general call centre and workplace offices. Due to the eco-efficiency, speed of construction and financial cost, prefab offices are now being used by all types of companies to house their staff.

    Advantages of Cotaplan prefab office buildings include:

    Reduced Construction Time

    Financially Affordable

    Minimised Disruption Onsite

    Consistent Quality


    Modular office buildings are constructed offsite, unlike traditional building methods, and transported to the specified location to be assembled on site. The buildings are constructed in a warehouse, tailored to your specific requirements and, on average, take up to 50% less time to complete, thus eliminating a very large proportion of labour and staff costs. The end result is a prefabricated office that’s constructed to higher standards and in a clean and safe environment. The office building is also portable so can be demounted and moved to another location if necessary.

    Our modular building projects are effective for both permanent or temporary office solutions and come with fully inclusive foundations, drainage and service connections such as gas, water and electricity.


    Prefab office buildings made by Cotaplan are available in a range of finishes to suit your needs. As our buildings are made of up to 80% of recycled materials, the finished products tend to be made of recycled plastics or recycled wood, crafted into a superior design which stands out from traditional brick buildings.


    As prefab buildings are constructed offsite, purchasers no longer have the worry of being liable for accidents which occur on site. All risk assessments and health and safety regulations are taken care of on site at the Cotaplan Ltd warehouse.

    What’s more, building demountable, portable offices buildings offsite eliminates any workplace disruptions traditional building techniques would cause.

    Robust health and safety regulations are a priority at Cotaplan. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality assurance and quality control protocols are independently and accurately inspected.

    Our attention to detail and commitment to the very highest standards in every one of our builds is second to none. We ensure the quality and safety of every modular office building that we produce.

    Our commitment doesn’t end there. Cotaplan takes sustainability very seriously as the need to reduce carbon emissions worldwide intensifies. We’re constantly looking at new, innovative strategies which work in reducing our impact on the environment, incorporating these into our bespoke prefabricated office buildings. What’s more, we’re able to accommodate your building visions no matter what budget you have to work with. One of the ways we’re able to do this is by sourcing ex-stock panels (floors and ceiling) to keep your costs down.



    As well as providing new bespoke modular office buildings, Cotaplan can also provide refurbished offices for those on a budget.

    Our used portable offices buildings for sale have been refurbished to the highest standard to provide quality working environments for businesses up and down the country. Our used offices are still as eco-efficient and durable as our new buildings, the only difference being that the materials have been used before.

    If you’re looking to hire short term instead of purchasing then our second hand prefab offices would make great temporary office buildings for your company. From placement on construction sites to hospital grounds , our eco-friendly buildings can be constructed and erected quickly to provide the temporary office space you need for your workforce.

    Many businesses choose Cotaplan to handle their modular construction because of our dedication in delivering high quality portable office buildings promptly and at competitive prices. Contact out team today to discuss your prefabricated office building needs.



    When deciding to have offices built on your land, choosing the method in which they are constructed all depends on your needs.

    The beauty of portable office design is that it is quicker to build and erect than traditional brick-built buildings. If time is an issue and you need office space quickly, then a modular office is an ideal choice.

    With traditional-built buildings, wherever construction takes places is where the building will sit. If you decide you need to switch locations a few years down the line, then you will end up having to purchase a new property elsewhere. With our prefabricated construction, your office space can be moved to your new premises, saving you the cost of having a new building constructed. Our fully portable, mobile offices are flexible to your needs. if you need to transport your modular office to the other side of your headquarters or need it relocating miles away, our team are on hand to do just that. For those that require mobile offices, this is just one of the many perks of choosing modular buildings .

    All of our portable offices for sale can be adapted and extended. If you find yourself requiring more space to house extra rooms or staff, we can build modular office blocks to connect to your existing building or build upwards to provide a two-storey prefab office solution.

    The cost of modular office buildings all depends on the specifications of the build. However, prefab, mobile offices are cheaper to build than static, brick-built buildings. If you’re working to a tight budget, then it may be worthwhile enquiring about our second-hand portable offices for sale. If you don’t wish to commit to a purchase, we also offer portable office hire.


    If you’re looking for mobile offices for your company but cannot afford to purchase one outright, or only require a temporary office building, then speak to a member of our team about portable office hire .  We can even supply temporary site offices during construction work should your team require somewhere safe and comfortable to work from.

    Like our modular offices for sale, the cost of hiring a portable office building depends on the size, specification and duration of hire period. We offer a complete range of temporary building hire solutions at competitive prices. 

    Our team at Cotaplan understand that the requirements of each business differs, so whatever your reason or interest in modular offices, give us a call on 0800 799 9049 or message us through our contact form .


    Our modular offices can be used by a variety of industries to provide safe, modern working environments, including:

    • Housing Development Offices
    • Airport Offices
    • Construction Site Offices
    • Warehouse Offices
    • Hospital Offices
    • Dental Clinic Offices
    • Transport Offices
    • Site Offices

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