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Modular Cancer Wards


Creating a dedicated centre on any medical space is a great way to improve your facility’s tackling of an illness. Here at Cotaplan, we can work with you to design and construct bespoke modular cancer facilities to offer outpatients a dedicated space for treatment, advice and counselling services as they overcome their illness. Offering a dedicated area with a complete range of hospitality facilities can be a great way to help your patients feel like they are being supported throughout their recovery.

Unfortunately, most NHS hospitals are already stretched to capacity, and can rarely repurpose an existing area to offer support and treatment to cancer outpatients. That’s where Cotaplan comes in. For more than three decades, our team have been working with medical facilities to create bespoke areas for treatment and support.

We specialise in the deliver of premium pre-fabricated constructions, which can be quickly and easily installed on practically any area. We can offer a range of extensions and stand-alone buildings which are ideal for the treatment and support of cancer and other debilitating illnesses. By offering all treatment and support in one concentrated area, you can make the entire process much easier for hospital staff, patients and Macmillan nurses. Support is an important part of getting through cancer, and thanks to our industry-leading construction services, you’ll be free to offer everything that your patients need in one convenient place.

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    Why is Modular Design the Best Choice for Medical Facilities?

    Pre-fabricated construction is the best option for any kind of medical construction. It can provide a wide range of benefits when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar design, not least the severely reduced project time.

    One of the major benefits is the opportunity for completely unique design. That means you can create the perfect space for both your patients and your staff. Not only will you be able to make optimal use of your available space, but you’ll also be able to ensure that you are offering the perfect space for your outpatients and staff. Dedicated rooms for chemotherapy and consultation can be easily integrated into the design, in addition to common rooms and tea/coffee stations to really build a sense of community around the space.

    Here at Cotaplan, we ensure that each of the modular spaces that we provide is of the absolute highest-quality. Our method of modular construction means that you will never be left with a substandard property. For example, we make sure that all our components are manufactured off-site in factory conditions. This offers a variety of advantages over traditional construction or on-site material manufacturing, including:

    Reduces On-Site Disruption and Construction Time

    Allows for Extensive Testing

    Guarantees a High-Quality Finished Product

    Modular Cancer Facilities for Outpatient Support and Treatment

    Thanks to the professional team at Cotaplan, you will be able to offer your patients a dedicated area on your hospital grounds to help them overcome their illness. As you can make this space completely bespoke, you will be able to offer your patients and staff everything they need. As part of your modular cancer facilities, you can offer easily accessible, on-site:

    • Treatment Rooms for Chemotherapy.
    • Consultant Offices for Advice and Consultation.
    • Waiting Rooms and Receptions.
    • Common Rooms.
    • Tea and Coffee Services and Cafes.

    You can use your new cancer facility as a place to build a community. Research has shown that support, in addition to the opportunity to talk to people who have survived all kinds of cancers, can have a positive effect on patient’s attitude in addition to their remission rate. Positivity is extremely underrated when it comes to cancer, but thanks to modular cancer facilities you will be able to show your outpatients that there is an entire community in place to support them from the initial diagnosis to the all-clear.

    In these cancer facilities, you can provide treatment, consultation and support services for all kinds of cancers, including:

    • Bladder Cancer.
    • Lung Cancer.
    • Brain Cancer.
    • Breast Cancer.
    • Cervical and Ovarian Cancers.
    • Melanoma and Lymphoma.
    • Thyroid Cancers.
    • Skin Cancer.
    • And More.

    By knowing where the need to go to get support, whether from Macmillan or other charity nurses, or from hospital staff, your patients will be able to get through their illness with a much more positive attitude. Modular cancer facilities are increasingly becoming an essential part of any modern-day hospital space.


    Contact Cotaplan’s Professional Team for On-Site Modular Cancer Facilities

    Here at Cotaplan, we can provide a wide range of bespoke pre-fabricated buildings for medical facilities across the UK. Whether you’re a private healthcare facility or an NHS hospital, we can guarantee the same high-level of service throughout the project.

    For more information on our industry-leading construction projects, get in touch with our team today. You can reach our pre-fabricated building experts on 0800 7999049 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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